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Build your team with

quality emerging talent.

Startups have a difficult time sourcing top, emerging talent in an efficient manner. 

We are a machine learning networking platform that personally connects you with relevant, high calibre students and recent graduates to help find an optimal two-way fit.

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How it works.

Swivel's platform is designed to be efficient, simple, and approachable. We want to help you source student talent, from anywhere, at anytime, at a lower cost.

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Efficient Onboarding.

Take 2 minutes to create a personalized company profile so we can find you well suited student talent.

Start matching.


Behind the scenes, our filtering algorithm will create a curated list of students that we think are a good fit. Select the ones you are interested in and we will schedule a video call. 

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Build talent pipeline & fill open positions.

Have one on one video conversations with students and keep track of all potential hires on your dashboard.  

"It becomes even more important for recruiters to understand talent beyond the resume to ensure a position is actually a good fit. Recruiters will need more information about talent in advance of making contact. That means they’ll need tools to better understand applicants’ needs and wants, in addition to their qualifications. It’s about seeing people, not candidates."


"Those numbers reflect a classic tragedy of the commons — fueled by employers who are fishing ever farther into the sea of talent in search of job-ready workers rather than helping incumbents or younger, underserved, and underrepresented groups develop the skills they need to fill tomorrow’s roles." 


What other companies are saying.

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See Swivel in action.


Start swiveling today.

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Build your brand in the student community.

Ensure new hire retention through two- way fit. 

Enable diverse & equitable hiring.

Tired of being washed out by the big brand names? 

Swivel provides an equal opportunity for firms of all sizes to get in contact with students, increasing your company’s brand recognition among the student population.

It can be difficult to know whether a new hire will mesh with your company or not. Swivel allows you to get to know students on a personal level, ensuring value-fit, leading to long-term retention.

 Unconscious biases can be hard to avoid. Whether you choose to use incognito mode or not, Swivel’s profile matching algorithm provides you with a wide range of diverse candidates.


How we will help you.

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Grant Identification.

Knowing what grants student talent, nevertheless and your own company applies for can be difficult and timely to find. Swivel automates the identification and application for these grants.

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Incognito Mode.

Reduce unconscious bias through turning on incognito mode to blindly select who you want to connect with. 

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Talent Pipeline Dashboard.

Efficiently build a talent pipeline with post call analytics and metrics.

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Personalized Profiles.

Get to know students as more than just a standard resume and cover letter. Customizable profiles will spark meaningful, unique conversations. 

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AI Matching System.

Our matching system will drive long term employee fit through producing relevant matches based on your company’s interests, values, and skill requirements. 

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Response System.

Our notification system and posted response rates and times ensure timely conversations and will remind you of well suited talent when new positions open.