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What we stand for.

Swivel’s goal is to level the playing field by creating equal opportunity 

for professional growth.

We want to make connections that matter. 


Our mission is to facilitate conversations and curated career matches between students and tech companies across Canada to help them realize their full potential and uncover new opportunities.  


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Human centric.

There will always be a human behind our business. 

Transparency & accountability. 

Deliver on our promises and be 100% honest about our mistakes. 

Have fun.

Strive to always enjoy what we do. 

Inspire innovation & creativity.

Empowering our team to think big, be bold, and take big risks. 

Create an exceptional experience.

Create an experience that is seamless, memorable, and adds positivity to someone’s day. 

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Meet the team.

Hatem Dawahgreh | CEO & Co-founder.

Hatem has just wrapped up his undergrad in Apple Math Eng in Queen's University. His previous experience in consulting and strategy ledges  him to his current role as the CEO of Swivel! In his free time, Hatem loves to play soccer, eat Nutella, and hang out with friends.

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Emily Johnstone | CBO & Co-founder.

Emily has just completed her undergraduate degree in Commerce at Queen’s University. Her previous experience in sales, marketing, and insurance has led her to her current role as Head of Business Development and Strategy at Swivel! In her free time, Emily loves to travel, play sports, go to the movies, hike, and hang out with friends!

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Alex Bradley | CMO & Co-founder.

Alex has just completed her undergraduate degree in Commerce at Queen’s University. Her previous experience in the advertising and branding industry has lead her to her current role as Head of Marketing and Design at Swivel! In her free time, Alex loves to dance, eat popcorn, watching Mad Max Fury Road on repeat, and play capture the flag. 

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Kurri Reich | COO & Co-founder.

Kurri Is finishing up is Masters of Applied Science in Geological Engineering this coming fall. His previous experience is in the oil and gas industry with a focus on geomechanics and project management, which has helped him to become COO at Swivel. Kurri enjoys long walks on the beach, sporting in any fashion, and cold patio pints with his friends and team members. 

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Emma Landry | CTO & Co-founder.

Emma is going into her fourth year of Computer Science at Queen’s University. Working in tech startups as well as big companies has lead her to becoming the Head of Technology here at Swivel. When she’s not busy coding, she likes to play music, bake, cheer for Liverpool and watch awful Netflix originals.

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